Thursday, 24 February 2011

PPES (pourly people eat soup)

sexy texts?

I have two new update to share with you to. Firstly do you remember I went down at the beginning of the year to shoot for retroglamour? Well the latest set up is now up in full and the video will be close behind it later this week. I already dropped you a few sneaky pictures but here are a few to remind you.

Update two is for a new site that will be coming late on this year. Its for a new stocking site I had the pleasure of shooting for a few weeks ago, it was the one where I got creative with my ballet dildo if you remember.  I have kindly been sent over some pictures from that day to wet your appetites so please enjoy. xx


Ok I have put it off long enough, it's time to talk about The Very Open University . com !!!!!

Before you go rushing off to view the trailer (WHICH IS NOW UP) let me tell you what it is. I think almost as soon as I got to know Satine we knew we would end up teaming up on something and this is our starter project. We are both quite girly by which I mean giggly and this site is very much an extension of that but alot ruder. Please don't break our hearts by disagreeing when I say, we both still look quite convincing in a school uniform and as that's a fantasy role play we are both turned on by and we know quite alot of other people like it, so we ran with that as our theme.

The next problem we had was how to fit in the porn. We could have done a cheesy, this is a regular university/college and lots of sex just ends up happening but we felt that had already been done by others well enough not to be re-visited and we thought we might end up being repetitive in that format. Instead our university is where women go to become elite porn starts, we are the best of the best. This means we wont  be limited by boundaries, as anything porn can happen and it also means we could use this site to push ourselves. For example, I'm not sure if there are any avid Masie watchers out there but over the last year I have been deep throating like a trooper. The reason for this increase is that I felt it was an area I really needed to work on, so I set that as one of my VOU homework tasks. 

Its not just me and Satine, we are bringing in lots of other porn stars both young and old to act as fellow students and staff. Its a nice mix of levels and strangely some of the hottest videos I think we have done are the pillow fights, which are relatively tame levels wise, I just love the image of school girls, wriggling around on top of each other.

The main site is just one large e-mail. To begin with myself and Satine will send each other up dates on how we are doing at Uni and how we are adjusting to being students. I almost forgot to mention the student life style element, its not all uniforms and studying, we go fresher hunting as soon as we enrol and fully embrace the party/poverty life style (we are yet to march about anything but its on the cards). As we make friends with other students and get new lecturers, they will be added to the mailing list and will keep us updated on any uni work they have been up to and what they are improving on sexually etc. Finally we are having live end of term exams via web cam and will be asking members to help grade the girls performances in order to either, move them on or face a punishment and no doubt we will have fabulous prizes for joining in.

So there you go. We have had a horror of a time getting the site built (huge thank you to superginge) but we are nearly all in place for a big launch, although I think I will miss Satine's Birthday by a week.
Speaking of Satine we also have lots of footage of her doing b/g hidden away from before she retired and she has said that if enough people want it she would do us a few more b/g scenes when we need them!


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Is the cat out of the bag?

I am being naughty and showing you some pictures from my solo set so more of you can answer my blood related question. I know that this being one of my later hairy shoots, the hair may put some of you off more than the blood, so please try your hardest not to let it cloud your answers.
I wasn't going to talk about this solo video in full till later on but it is one of my top two shows for Abby Winters (no prizes for which I think was the best).

I am having a lazy breakfast when my mum calls and reminds me that she is coming to visit later that day and I have completely forgotten. Having blagged my way through the conversation, I then have a mad panic tidy of my kitchen on my hands. In rushing the washing up my top gets splashed so that has to come off and I then get distracted throwing my cloths into the laundry basket, before deciding to make a mini video of me trying to fit in the basket (its a tight but impressive squeeze). You know my philosophy that all tasks should be rewarded, so as the room starts to look more and more tidy, I start giving my self sexual rewards culminating in me using the washing up brush as a dildo (all good fun) Here's a link to the trailer and I really recommend watching the full movie (and looking through the story board of pictures as there are some really great ones) if you are able.

Click for the trailer

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Abby Winters and rude on the beach

I came on today to tell you all about the new double IM that's just gone up on Abby Winters only to find a new solo photo sets has gone up to. I have just written to them asking if I am able to show you some of the pictures for free on here so I will talk about that tomorrow but please go and check out the trailer for the IM as soon as you are able.

Click for a sexy free trailer

This time I was paired with Leandra and we were told simply to have fun and cum. She has a very hot body and it was so lovely watching her moan at the end while I stroked her face and boob. I had a very strange fantasy during this, those who watch, feedback as always is welcomed but please be aware that I cant help how my slightly twisted mind works. I haven't had time to watch the video yet but I'll be curious to see how they cut it. Poor Leandra wasn't very well and had a huge coughing fit half way through, which then gave us the giggles, then the house phone started ringing - didn't put us off though, once we had calmed down we really threw ourselves into it. 

I spent today in Leeds shooting for a new stocking website and did four amazing videos (if I do say so myself) These included a sexy estate agent, who does a strip tease to sell a house and preparing for an adult ballet class and trying to work out why they sent me a dildo - that one got very creative (answers on a postcard), I decided maybe it was something to suck on so I didnt talk. Again I have asked if I can have some pictures when they are ready and will give you a heads up when the site goes live.

Here are a few more holiday snaps to finish xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Swinging and a holiday.

I have just got back from a few days holiday with my Parents and Poppy has had a blast. On my way down I made a last sexy stop in Sheffield for the last filming session of our Swingering series for Red Hot TV. This time we had a couple to play with and they were ace, I need to do more threesoms this year, I love being shared. Here is some behind the scenes footage (as you asked for more). Before you watch it I will add that I am aware that I keep banging on like a broken advert about 'Tuneing in to watch the full video on Red Hot TV' its the only way I can make sure I get away with showing you action snippets.

After the shoot a slightly stiff but satisfied me drove down to Plymouth in time for tea (home cooked ham and chips soooo good). I spent my time reading and walking on the beach with Poppy. I feel so relaxed now I am raring to throw myself back into work which is just as well as I have alot to get sorted if we are going to stick to the 26th as a true dead line.

OK so a five year old could probably have done a more artistic job of decorating the cakes but you have no idea how much fun I had doing them

My Muff on Digiecreationsxxx

Good news, the resent shoot I did for Digicreations XXX has now gone live. Nothing to fancy plot wise, just a lonley me in a see-through nightie having sex with a nice black cock - but then what more could you want?! This will be a sad time for some of you and a happy time for others, as this is one of the last scenes I did fully muffed (Freddies World took it away last Friday although I still have it should anyone want to bid for it?). Either way its a hot scene with lots of ball licking, cock sucking and lovely sex. Let me know what you think xx

And in one of its last performances . . .

Click for the free trailer

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tenga girls

I am part of a new website, as I am sure alot of you will have spotted from all of the facebook activity. Here are a few promo pics I have taken ahead of the solo stuff they are using me for. Its a pretty exciting site as they allow members to enter into a draw to perform with some of their girls. Sadly I am not one of them but we are talking about the possibility of getting people in to direct and shot me in hot g/g and solo action - any takers? 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sound Punishment

Update alert. On Friday i was over at sound punishment for another good spanking - look at my red bottom!

We did two pornier story lines and finished off with a good old fashioned naughty school girl situation. In the first update I was booked in for a solo shoot but my 'boyfriend' had just gone back to Afghanistan and hadn't had time to spank and make up with me after a fight before he went. The camera man was only to happy to help by putting me over his knee if that's what it took to get a hot solo scene out of me at the end. I will tell you about the other two scenes as they go up but I had such a lovely day with the two guys. I got pizza, giggles and a very realistic uniform to play in.  I love spanking - it's such an amazing mixed bag of emotions and strange weird pleasure all rolled in to one.

Here's a link so you can go and see the pictures and following video.

Sad times - the muff has finally reached its end and is due to go on Thursday.

Happpy February

This is the second time I am writing tonight's blog (sigh) as my computer lost the first one. What I began by saying was, that I am a terrible blogger, we are 7 days into the month and you are still up dateless, I am sorry. I have lots to go on this week though as a few of my shoots have promised to forward on some pictures and film out takes from last week.

In belated news the Berts move went well, thanks to lots of positive thinking via you lovely people and he is happily settled in.

I have spent most of my time shooting from home for project number two and want to share a sneaky snap with you but please don't tell anyone or I will be in trouble. These picture are from one of the best videos we have shot so far, I love doing 'drunk back from a night out' it means it doesn't matter if I pull daft faces and the extra ease helps me to relax towards better times.

Sorry for not doing a bare essentials this week, with the government finally meeting to discus the porn block today I finally started work on a full video reaction/mini documentary. Mums net are proving to be particularly good for 'we know this isn't evidence but' sound bites and I am having so much fun going through each of their worries and finding evidence that shows the opposite.

I fully appreciate and support the good work that Internet blocking software like netnanny do in helping parents to police what their children have access to but as all the lobbyist kept saying it, I wanted to see how easy it was to accidentally find porn. 

Other words and phrases I tried and drew a blank on were,

Hot holiday
shuttle cock
shut cock
pony fun
cock a doodle do
cock a do - this one had no fun pictures but brought up a few help site forums on sucking cock and cock size.

At this point I opened things up to facebook and Vic Lagina  won hands down with boobles. It didn't bring up anything more than a naked cartoon via the last link on the first page but the word made me laugh out loud.
I gave up and went for pussy. This brough up a suprising amount of sites actually talking about cats along with song lyrics and a female punk rock band. There was one porn link on the front page list and this has no right to be there as it didnt have front warning page!

This test isn't fair because I use Firefox so don't get pop ups (although how large a difference they would have made is yet to be tested) but I had safety turned off google. I used google uk if you want to see if you can find any accidental free porn. I am not sure if these findings or anything similar will make it to my final video I just thought you might enjoy a challenge.    

I spent yesterday in Cambridge shooting for Didgicreationsxxx and had a great time. Every time I shoot for them I get to do something completely different, visit one I was a sex slave (people still quote, 'suck on my toes bitch' at me, which is hilarious as feet are nasty, especially Satines). Visit two was a hot Secretary role play where I insisted that I should suck his cock and today was a very girly almost vanilla bedroom scene. I start in a white see-through nightie and was told to lie on the bed and touch myself while wanting sex. Sex soon came, I was licked out for ages, with his face buried in my hair. I was then allowed to suck before being fucked in a very hard but gentle way before getting cum all over my pubes.

On a side note his dog Bailey is almost as cute as Poppy (bias dog owner alert). With all these porn dogs (you only have your self to blame if you just had an inappropriate thought) they need their own best mascot award.

Finally today Paul Jones and I shot with Busty Cookie for our new Red Hot Tv series Swingering. Cookie was a great follow on from Jo Jugs I am beginning to think that BBWs are some of the sexiest women on the planet. They just cant seem to get enough and the delightful noises and giggles they make while you do it is so sensual and inclusive. We have one more set of three sums to shoot on Saturday and then its off to the editing room, I will let you know when its going to air so you can check it out.