Saturday, 29 June 2013

Naughty Up Skirt Down Blouse House Work Session !

Well the oven was dirty and so I tackled it with full vigor and energy ! This kind of full on house work makes you hot and sweaty so I ended up finishing off in just my birthday suit!

To see the full set follow this link!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Introducing debbie!

I have called her Debbie because it is a magic box and inside every good  magic box  you will find Debbie Mcgee - just ask Paul Daniles!

Thank you Frans -  it is taking time as I keep getting Blue Screen of Death but slowly all vital porn content is being shipped over in the tiny computer life boats to safety in the new world!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tits and arse !

Due to the on going technical errors I mentioned last blog, I have not been a good girl at sharing all my latest sexy picture sets with you - which is a shame because I am really getting into the swing of things!

My twice weekly photo sessions are becoming the highlight of my week, a little moment just for me, to play at being a star a few hours every week..

You can view the whole lot by following my link here!

First up in our catch up we have a very patriotic me on my new Dutch bike!  

Annie Sprinkle inspired shoot now - this is a reenactment of her famous 'Boob Ballet' !

I am once again Masie HD!!!!!

I have no idea why the world thinks we can do without this AMAZING product but thanks to a wonderful someone I don't have to do with out and I could not be happier!!!!

So this weekend I was back in the studio helping out my favorite photographer abbywinters Izzy - check her stuff out HERE !!!

Bellow is a tiny bit of footage I got to test my super new camera. Editing them together the difference in sound quality blew me away I hadn't noticed how quite the other camera was getting - Don't feel sad for old flip camera he is safely but away in a box for when I have need for him, enjoying a well earned rest.

The incredible talent I label  'assistant photographer' in this video is actually the talented Daniel Chorup and you can see his work HERE !! 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Masie goes Dutch

Ok Video should be fixed now!

The music to Ground Force was performed by the Black Dyke Band which was great teasing for use on my old music teacher who was in rival brass band -  The  Grimethorpe Colliery Band (famous for playing the music in the film Brassed Off).

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Incredible Nude Dancing!

This footage is from Saturday - I was with abbywinters Izzy again (my work wife) helping her to make a music video.

The night before Izzy asked if i would mind having a small part (and of course I said YES!!!). The video itself will be a very serious affair but we had a load of fun on the day which I hope you enjoy sharing in now...

I will  let you know as soon as the video is somewhere you can see it - super excited!

Enjoy the rest of your week xxxxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ultimate Down Blouse - Up Skirt Collection !

My main rule when I am being booked by a photographer is that the work HAS to be published in the public domain! I do this both because I think it is a terrible waste to do good work and not to be able to share in it and because it keeps things professional - sadly the UK porn scene is littered  with sad old men who buy a camera to buy a cheap fuck.

This doesn't mean I don't LOVE working with new people and it is always extra special to be someones 'first!' One such new comer has recently got in touch with me to say the sexy downblouse up Skirt video clips we made are now ready for viewing! I am the first model he has posted content with so show some support for his new venture by taking an opportunity to per at me! 

To get to all the sexy videos click HERE !

Here are a few snaps we took as we worked and a very cheeky trailer!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Abby Winters, Exclusive Behind The Scenes Training!

Thats right I can blow many things, but I can not blow grass :( 

Izzy just reminded me that the camerafroze (poor flip camera he is very old) so you didn't get the footage of our big work out. Before the exercising men formed their push up circle of power, they were running up and down the steps with one another on their backs. Not to be out done I lept on Izzy's back and she ran us to the top of the stairs! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013


and here she is.

The basket looks a bit sad without all the stickers Gaz's had so I am now collecting!  I was going to try and use bits of Gaz to make a new bike but Amsterdam being what it is he was stollen before I had chance to walk him home :( Still I wouldn't be female if I didn't like the idea of buying new things to decorate with.