Sunday, 25 November 2012

Masie Dee free mastubation reward clip

You guys SMASHED IT! The podcast has not only had enough views to earn you the quick masturbation video (bellow) but there are already enough views to get next weeks special video as well. All that's needed to earn that fully is for everybody who has viewed the blog  to go back and give it a thumbs up on the like button!

Not sure if you will have all noticed but there is a discount code to under the video. As you can now pay per scene I thought I would vainly point you in the direction of some of my favorite videos. My first solo is one of the sexiest chats I think I have ever had on camera because we are talking all about my sexual fantasies and you know where I like to take those kind of discussions. I also have several very sexy g/g videos, me and Kylie, me and Jenna K, me and Dahlia or if you want something different the sex I have with Twyla took me by surprise so much that I cry after wards (in a good way)!

I have been thinking about these reward videos on and off since I put the challenge post up on Thursday, I have really missed doing these kind of videos. It wouldn't be fair to all the people who make a living out of pornography for me to keep showering you in free clips all the time but I can't stress to you enough how much I actually get off on it. I just like the idea of someone else touching themselves based on what I am doing, it's like the idea that one voice starts singing alone and soon people join in and before long you have an incredible chorus - well take out singing and add in wanking and that's what I think about when doing these videos and I love it! It's half power in a sexy follow my leader game part loving the idea of lots of people pleasuring together all at once in a mass masturbation orgy!

Speaking of missing things I was speaking with lovely Kylie H last night and we agreed that we both miss doing sexy QnA,especially after the fun I have chatting in bed with Satine on our last visit. We can't think of any questions to bring us back in so if there is anything you think would make a good chat/post please let me know.

This week just passed has been pretty choker but on the whole very satisfying. In abbyland life is great I feel like all my photography training has suddenly come together all at once and I am producing some of the best work I have done and I love that, I am super proud.  Gary will be thrilled that my Souther Charms site now has content submitted so all that is needed is a green tick from the site owners and I will have a new site to send you all to which is ace. Any content suggestions let me know! Finally house hunting seems (touch wood don't count them chickens yet) to have made a small leap forwards and I will find out in the next few days if my application for a new apartment has been successful so please keep your everythings crossed!

It is currently blowing a small gale outside, I'm glad I took Poppy out on my roller blades yesterday she is knackered) so today I can soak in the bath (I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that my new house will probably not have one) and watch the latest UFC and some rugby highlights.  Have a great weekend I hope you are warm and cozy if you are my end of the world, sat with a long cool drink if you are in the hot places!

Ohh final final this DvD has just come out and I made the cover!

Have a good week xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Porn Blog - LIVE squirting!!!!

The title does it all really this is a quick Thursday emergency update to tell you all to PLEASE find time to head to youtube to watch episode three of the Abbywinters podcast AND to like it.

This episode we talk pee and squirting and even have a LIVE demo!!!!

Click HERE to make me happy!

I know I am become slightly annoying with all the asking of things from you and giving this the hard sell but not only does the future of this podcast now rest in your hands but also the fate of the BBC (as clearly they will be screaming out for my voice on the radio once I retire from modeling and shooting porn).

I tell you what if the view bar totals 175 (an easy goal) by 11am Sunday Amsterdam time I will put a 2 minute masturbation clip on here for free. If we have hit 500 pluss 25 likes by next weekend I will add another 6 minute video plus stills and will take on your suggestions of what content you would like.

Ok enjoy the rest of your week - till Sunday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

How to become a porn star . . .

Hello weekend people I hope life is treating you well. As promised here is the final lot of footage left over from my visit to the UK back in September with Satine mid spanking shoot. Bellow we talk about how we first go into porn and explore the idea of how our backgrounds and life experiences influenced our decisions to go into porn . . . .

Sunday, 11 November 2012

50 Shades of Grey - a porn stars review

This book has some how swept across the country and become one of the most talked about books in modern times so when Satine rocked up clutching a nearly finished copy we had to sit down and discuss it. This is in no way a serious review of the book (other than the passages Satine highlighted I have never read it) it is just two friends talking about it and sharing our thoughts based on no research what so ever!

So there you go another time I will let you all know

How we got into porn.


If we think our backgrounds had an effect on this.

Thanks as ever for watching looking forward to your comments (especially if you have unlike me actually read the book).

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Masie Dee the Podcast

 Those of you who are members of abbywinters will already be aware of the podcast (those who are not if you join via my link in the side bar I make a commission. If you don't fancy monthly subscription I am failrly sure pay per scene is back but I am just be starting rumors with that one).

The podcast is actually one of my favorite things I have gotten the chance to experience since starting at abbywinters and ignoring Game of Thrones probably ever since my first break in porn (thank you Jim slip).

So what is this podcast I here you shamlessly plugging. Well Girls Talk is pretty much that. Along with my lovely producer Irina we have two female guests each week and talk about different (mostly sexual) topics.

By the end of next week we will have made our first run of six shows and then it is in the hands of the gods as to whether they get enough views/listeners to justify making some more (please please please)

We will be putting this up in an MP3 format somewhere soon so it can be listened to on the go as intended but for now we are looking at putting them up as videos. This works out very well for Episode two during which we had a live orgasm when Marleen S tried a magic wand for the first time!

You can check that out here!

Please like and share the video if you enjoy it as the future of the podcast will be decided by the number of views and amount of likes these early episodes get. I think that while each episode is great we are constantly learning how to improve and create a better and better show and it would be so sad if this ended before we hit our A game.

And now a terribly middle class confession. I am a huge listener of radio 4 and when I am older that is my dream job (especially if i can get a spot on woman's hour). 

Ok plug over in other news I am a gif! 

I have no idea what a gif is or what this is supposed to mean or stand for but I am proud none the less!!!

My final news for this week is a little sad but hopefully only a little. Poppy had a fit earlier this week late one evening. Thanks to my health and safety training I actually knew what to do during the episode and other than looking a bit confused afterwards she seemed ok. Never the less fits could mean all sorts of horrible things so we dived straight online and got her an appointment at the local vets.

The vets were lovely (a certain spoiled pooch had a very fun day trip getting hugs from small children on trams and having two veterinary nurses feeding her treats and hugs while she had her bloods taken) and they got the results back from the tests within 15 minutes! So Poppy had an epileptic episode and from this there are two outcomes. The first is that it was a one off power surge in her brain and there is little to worry about. If she is going to develop a fuller grade of epilepsy then she will have a second fit with in two weeks. In that case there are drugs that can help to control it. Fingers crossed it was a one off expensive vets visit and all will be well.

I may be a bit on the broody/mental side when it comes to that dog but this week as I am sure you can imagine has been a bit on the hellish side. While I am mid moan I wont go into details but house hunting in Holland still remains something I am apparently incapable of doing and I am at the stage where I am seriously considering offering sexual favors in return for a helpful estate agent!!!