Monday, 31 January 2011

Four Ballerinas and Three Chavs

Here is the footage from my trip to Tranisa Films with Satine.

A quick note; we normally drive down together but because she had to go straight to London for the weekend it was more sensible to go seperatly.  I didn't want you to think we were just wasting petrol or anything.
It was another amazing shoot and I am going to press you to watch one of their movies if you are able as specific sexual kicks aside, it is so so funny. That's not to say they mock the issue of cross dressing, they cover that very sensitively, its the set ups that crack me up. My favourite scene is still 'Russia' where a group of office workers decide to dress the new worker as a women to get a contract signed. Me and Satine could not keep a straight face, it was such a joy to play office, she wouldn't stop drawing penises instead of graphs.

 I have another new scene up on Chavley Court this week. The guys who film it described it as pure carnage, with the two guys fighting to get on top as it were. From my end it was all good! I'm not sure if you can tell on the film but half way through I was a very naughty girl and went to put Eds dick in Doms mouth (I saw the opportunity and ran with it).  In all fairness to the boys, Ed went instantly floppy and Dom jumped aside as soon as he realised what was heading straight at his mouth. Here's a link to the trailer, which i will put my neck on the line and say looks a bit flat, it doesnt show the energetic sex battle I remember. I think I am right in saying that the guys are taking the footage we got that filming day and are putting it together into a dvd. The problem we had was that we were all a little to horney and couldnt stop shagging, leading to longer scenes than the site usually wants (although again all amazing for me) so they are able to use them to make a mini feature.

Latest Chav Scene Trailer

My trip to the doctors went well today, thank you for all your messages. I wont have to go see a surgeon and will be back to work in a few days, which is just as well as I have some really fun shoots coming up. My horse is finally moving tomorrow so can I please ask for some positive thoughts, this time aimed at him remembering that he likes to travel in trailers and will calmly walk sensibly one first time. (wishful).

Spoiler alert: There's a possibility that I will get to work with Kaz B in the next month or so and Leo Pops is due soon, as well as an opportunity to test drive some of the new studs from Satines agency. I am also due another trip to Abby Winters, digicreations and Freddies World in the next two weeks.

Speak soon,
Masie x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Some naked youtube stuff x
A naked review of the news
Well it may be a rushed jittery job but at least I got one up this week and thanks to lighting it looks great with sound off. I have had a very grumpy evening trying to get this done, I  shoot using the massive pile of books instead of a tripod method, which is certainly fun but I hadn't noticed it slip so one news story was of my foot, insert expletive of your choice.
I will be honest but short when I say I am feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight as I am ill. I will not go into details so please don't ask but I think I will feel better for telling you just that much. Please think positive thoughts on Monday 8.30 as I go to the doctors and I am so scared I may have to take time off work (nope not a work related injury).

Bar the early start and the travel tomorrow will cheer me up I have a full day of Satine and working with the tranisa

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A few up dates all over the place

Well alot of sleep took place yesterday and I feel so much better for it. Saying that I went around to see some friends last night and nearly fell asleep with an xbox controller in my hand and was forced to head home early for bed so maybe I didn't get quite enough. I was cross this morning when I woke up bang on 9am though, grr I hate having an early routine.

Still a bit of a sleepy head is defiantly a fair trade for all the fun I have had in the last two weeks and the gains are starting to filter through. Today I have some retro glam pictures to show you and a super sexy Abby Winters trailer.- are you loving the 70s wedding dress!

These pictures can be seen in full along with some videos on so please go and check it out.

I heard a rumor today that a certain website run by myself and Satine is nearly ready to launch! Although its just a rumor so I could be wrong.

Finally here is a link to the trailer of the scene that nearly turned me gay from AVN winners Abby Winters.
One fan commented that 'This is the best video since you moved, by far'

Tom on the site does a much better job of describing the full scene than I will, so here's his blurb and the trailer.

"Anything can happen in the next half hour" and by golly if not anything then certainly wondrous things and happily they take over half an hour to unfold as the two blonde beauties, the irrepressibly ebullient Marina and the insatiably effervescent Masie make a splash. However, before they do so, we are treated to a backstage that is fully deserving of a standalone ‘slot’, frequently hilarious as Marina and Masie chat and banter; Masie:- "Abbywinters builds sexual tension", aided and abetted by Jacki and Michelle, who quips "You guys are endlessly entertaining".
Then to the main and wondrous things indeed as Masie joins Marina in the shower where with a splendid athleticism they wash each other with the shower jet, fingers and tongues. In so doing with an urgent breathiness and fevered whispered injunctions and exclamations they rouse each other to the peaks of passion and beyond. Eventually the shower can no longer contain them and to the bed and bedroom floor they go to continue unfettered their carnival of carnal cavorting in all manner of delicious diverting ways until at last sated they lie entwined on the bed, sated? Well not quite for Masie, amidst giggling, tries to inveigle Marina into biting her nipple, settling for lots of kisses. In the short witty after the girls give their assessment with which one cannot demure; Masie:- "horny, hot, dirty and there was snuggles"; Marina:- "the best the best the best…"
Kudos to Michelle who splendidly captures all frenetic action in all its passionate glory in shots from all angles and distances that are a delight to view both for the now and will be for many times in the future. My thanks to her, the team, Marina and Masie for a T3 that finds its place in the AW pantheon. If there were to be a T3 redux then I’ll wager on who two front runners for that might be.'

I am desperately editing for the rest of today and tomorrow as well as trying to get some solo scenes shot from home and then on Thursday I have a g/g shoot at the stables with Zarina and yet another secret project meeting (that's 3 projects for those who have lost count).

Take care
Masie x x

Saturday, 22 January 2011

I have a red bum!!!

Some bored statisticians worked out that today is statistically the most miserable day of the year, quite fitting then that I spent most of it in floods of tears.

The twist of course is that I was enjoying myself more and more with every sob. I spent today working as a sub for a spanking company and other than having a slightly warm, tight feeling bum right now had a perfect day, especially in their school uniform. I love being bratty, maybe because I work so hard on being tolerant and slightly submissive to people in real life - I hate argument situations, don't get me wrong, given the right circumstances I will scream and dish it out like queen of the nasties but I tend to giggle or appease such opportunities off. Either way I was my own worse enemy today, always answering back in defense of made up accusations being thrown at me, forcing Miss Simpson to tell  me to bend over again for 'one last hit', over and over. One scene went on 2 minutes more than planned because of this.

I was once told that sobbing at the end of a spanking film is like the cum shot in regular porn, its the event that people will see as the point to hold out for and release. I would also like to add that if you start crying early on you tend not to get hit as hard, as people are worried that they might be really upsetting you (lazy model trick number 5).

The best thing about crying though is the amazing feeling of relief it offers. Crying is such a large charge of emotion and you feel drained afterwards because of this, its like I imagine taking certain drugs must be like, just a huge rush of feelings all at once with a tired but satisfied feeling afterwards. (How middles class and out of touch dose my idea of drugs read, I am so down with the kids). I don't know if this is just a female thing but do you ever have moments where you deliberately watch a film knowing it will make you cry, as you just feel that you need to have one and then you feel so much better afterwards, like you have drained stress and worry that you didn't even know you had? Possibly that's what people get out of religious confessing etc. On a slightly unrelated note if you have this feeling or just want a good mini film to watch, can I suggest  Mary and Max. This is such a lovely animation, and its based on real events. It is in a style I hadn't seen before and anything that champions the chocolate hot dog can only be a good thing. (see trailer in link bellow)

It would take to long for me to talk you through all 20 of the scenes we shot today but I will talk you through my favourite two and promise to put pics and links up when I am given them.

The first scene was the last one we shot. I told on another girl (Fay) who had just used bad language and then watched as Miss Simpson put her over her knee and spanked her for being such a 'potty mouth'. After Fay is sent out I go to follow, only to be pulled over the same knee and punished for telling tales. They wanted big tears to finish and as I was told it was, 'no wonder you don't have any friends' I sobbed my guts up. They even changed the ending so I get a cuddle at the end. - You know how much I like snuggles.

The other scene was a good old fashioned beating the devil out of you scene. Those of you who have watched my Abby Winters solo scene will know that for some unknown reason I have always found the idea of someone in such a position of power, abusing the bibles teachings to get their sexual kicks strangly errotic so having bible quotes hurled as me while I was spanked was clearly always going to please. I have just used a dildo to orgasm when my guardian (it always has to be so obscure for spanking videos to get around all the  laws. The person spanking you has to be in a position of power or you wouldn't let them do it but equally you have to obviously avoid any hints at incest or clues that the model could be under 18) walks in and asks why I am not ready for church. He sees the toy and I break down sobbing, asking why I cant stop feeling the urge to touch myself and asking why I am being tempted - I am a bad christian who needs help so I take a spanking and agree not to wear any cloths on my lower half for a week so people can check I am not touching myself.

I spent  yesterday down at the yard to help move alot of electric fencing in the cold and Poppy finally got to meet some puppies. I also spotted another beautiful place, although it was much better off camera to add to my new lovely view vlog spot. I am off doing more secret filming tomorrow (so long as my bums gone down a bit) then I get a well earned proper day off. I am so sorry facebook people for not having looked at any mail for so long, its the first thing for me to do when I have slept next week, I have been thinking of you but just havent had time. x x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Best day of the year!!!

In other quick news I was back in Ipswich today doing some more retro glamour stuff and a tiny bit of kidnap light bondage. It was an amazing day despite the 6am drive and I will go through details properly in a few days when I have some pictures to show you. On my way home I was so happy and the sky looked so pretty I had to share it with you.

Ok now for me news.


Hello fun people its sleepy Masie. I have just flown back in from Amsterdam and here are the meager bits of footage I managed to glimpse. As always I have been a bit rubbish and missed all the good bits as I was to busy enjoying them at the time but it gives you a quick taste of what I have been up to.

I had an early but event free flight and even managed to catch the right tram if not quite to the right stop to save me the 20 minute walk to the office. For day one I did a big solo scene and a double I'm. A double I'm is where two girls masturbate next to each other (I have already done one of these with Satine is you want to go back an few posts). I worked with a lovely blond girl and we whizzed through the morning.

The afternoon had been set aside for my solo in which I had forgotten that my mother was coming to visit meaning I had to straighten my kitchen so it was tidy for when she came and I get distracted. While washing up I spill water on my top so have to take it off and put it in the dryer, then I decide to use the washing up brush on my boobs and in my pussy before randomly trying to climb into the washing basket. Now those who are easily freaked out stop reading here and start watching the videos.

I inconveniently came on my period on the flight over. This isn't typically a problem in porn as we just put a sponge in and keep going. However the end of the washing brush had a mini plunger on it so it would stick to the side and stand up right when not in use. This extra suction caused some blood to come out while I was on the floor. Amy thought that was amazing so we used the end of the brush to make bloody stamps all over my body which was strangely fun. The taste was also quite interesting not to horrible, kind of metallic. We aren't sure if these pictures will make the final cut, she has to check on legality but it was something I have never ever done so I thought I should share it with you. 

Yay looked who I slept with today!!! I had a strangely satisfying nights sleep as the radiator was set on hot, keeping me warm and cozy while the open window provided a constant cooling breeze. It was like a fan on a warmn summers evening. The only English speaking tv channel was the Disney channel, which has been hi jacked by polished, blond, American children, all skipping school and either wizards or band/hotel owners. I now only have eight brain cells left.

I had been told on Monday that I was going to be working with a feisty, blunt Romanian who liked it rough, so was both interested and eager to meet her. Marina is amazing. She is crackers and had us all in stitches but she is also one of the hottest girls I have ever met. Her eyes almost turned black when she was turned on and it drove me crazy. I even had strange butterfly's in my tummy before we shot, while I was being prepped by Amy and Michell about what I was hoping for sexually. The scenario was that we are flat mates and I am talking to her while she has a shower and start taking sneaky peeps of her around the door before touching myself. She catches me and drags me still clothed into the shower, where we start the sex. As I have said before, Abby Winters are very thorough and normally spend a great deal of time asking me for extra positions etc to make sure nothing is missed and this takes a long time. Today they could almost have not been there we just went for each other, really enjoyed it and especially on the video not a word was said. Some of the pictures went straight up on the site and this scene will also be going straight onto dvd as they said it was a really good one. I honestly enjoyed every second of this it was a great pairing and she had me under her spell the whole time.

Sorry about the side ways nature of this video. x x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Swingers and Secrets

Day one of operation busy bee started with our new Red Hot Tv project - Swingering. Paul and myself are swingers and we share some of the girls and couples we like to play with on film.

As I said I am super excited about the various secret projects that are going on at the moment - I say it all the time but if everything pans out this could be a real break for me. On the whole I have had a very varied day - our aim was to do as many different solo sexual things as we could and we are continuing this mission at a later date. Today covered alot of fetishes and it was great to let my fetish kinks out for a change. I often say that what you see with me is what you get but that is only part true, sexually you can split me right down the middle. Both sides are naturally sex hungry and both sides are equally filthy but they are total opposites.

I love being cute and fluffy in bed then doing filthy things. There is nothing sexier than being all sweet and innocent just before gagging on a cock. I like having a cute little pussy and giggling during sex while talking and indulging, I especially love talking to you guys direct to camera. That all feeds the part of me that wants to feel like a girl and wants to just have fun, playful sex.

Then there is fetish me. Fetish me likes to say filthy cuntish words in a very blunt and definite way. I like to play around with pain and pleasure, pour hot wax all over myself and suffer trash talked.

Both sides are an important part of me and both are a very real part of me. If you look in my eyes you can see there is real hunger and want for each kind of sex, neither takes preference and neither is put on. Why am I telling you this. Well I suppose because I did both back to back over the last two days and the contrast suddenly became apparent. I wanted to check you understood that both Me's are still me, I'd hate for anyone to think it was just an act. A general comment on the Abby Winters boards has got me a little paranoid about people thinking that. The general ethos seems to be that porn is fake and porn stars fake it and ham it up and on the whole I don't. Hell we are all guilty of a super fake scream every 30 or so scenes, if a direct screams for more, more he will get but I like to try and be real when ever possible. If two out of four projects come good I will be housing these two sides into separate enterprises and it will be interesting to see if sexually you prefer one side of me more than the other or if you flick between the two.

Friday, 14 January 2011

News and naked news.

I am currently sat waiting for this weeks bare essentials to upload, before crashing out in bed. I have the busiest two weeks coming up and it is now starting a day early, hence the rush job this afternoon.

My busy two weeks came about thanks to support of the porn family via BGAFD. I have managed to get myself in the financial shit and they rallied round with extra work which if all goes to plan should help me from the boiling to the luke warm water. 

So what fun things do you have coming up I hear you cry?
Tonight I did a photo shoot for a local photographer in a fabulous semi derelict style studio. We did some bondage rope work, nude glamour and some naked piano shots.
Tomorrow I am shooting for a new red hot tv series before spending the night with Satine (high light)
Then I have two days of solo stuff before I jet off to Abby Winters. I wont bore you with the rest of the list but it should be good times.

Will be in touch soon but for now go and watch the news. 

Masie Dee

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hello guys and girls I hope you have all had a lovely lazy weekend. I have been a good girl and spend this afternoon web camming. I had some really hot sessions especials one with an american trucker - I like the idea of playing white trash for someones pleasure.

I also got my first official female fan today (as in she was the first women to ever tell me she wanted to be one). It was really hot, we ended up talking for ages about sex, she even text her boyfriend to tell him what we were up to and he was sat watching one of my videos while I told his girlfriend how to wank her wet pussy. Its funny as much I am still very much cock driven, I keep having female based encounters and really enjoying them. I had another lesbian dream last night, which is very strange for me. I dreamed that I was at Abby Winters and was due to shoot with a new girl. She was blond and quick stocky, but still slim she just had very broad shoulders -I will be curious to see if I am paired with this lady in my next visit. I spent a long time licking her boobs which were slightly bigger than mine, before pinning her down and kissing her neck till we were both rolling around on the bed and moaning - it was very steamy.

One of the by products of my cam sessions is that I have remembered to record a few of them so you can have a sneaky peak. There are a few videos on my page (link bellow) so you can see what a cam show will look like. There's lots of wet sloppy toy sucking leading into, stretching my pussy open and hard frantic toy fucks. These are a quick introduction into what a basic show looks like, although I have done lots of role play stuff which is very different to this but just as fun and lots of more personal style shows that it wouldn't be fair to share. Have a look and let me know what you think. The videos were all done today which is why they are in the same little school uniform.

Masie Dee
Live sex chat with masiedee
I had a long chat with the lovely Satine today and we now have a penciled date for the launch of our website. I wont tell you when its going to be yet incase we don't pull it off but we are very excited. Check out her sexy new red hair. Following on from my gay phase do you think she looks slightly more like a lesbian with this look? I only say so because I find her more attractive like this but my male friends took a few looks to get used to it.

Masie x

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Masie H Dee

I did eventually get Bare Essentials shot and on line and was very happy that the extra light allowed me to add an HD option on youtube. Sadly because the card in my camera really wants me to have a mac, its almost certainly not real HD as the converter strips away so much but I like being able to say it.

Here is the link (shameless plug)

After this my day took a sad down turn. I spoke to Kara over at AW and was due over early next week and was set to get re-tested today in Manchester. Bert however managed to lose a fight with an electric fence post, so I had a nice cold afternoon at the yard playing worried mother one. At least Poppy had fun in the snow, she really is far to cute and it meant I had earned a take away dinner.

Until October I had never had a curry ever. I'm not a fan of cream or coca nut milk and you have to be honest, presentation hardly sells the dish. Oh how I wasted my life. Tonight we had spiced lamb chops and the dog spent the happiest hour of her life licking all the scraps of meat off a bone, before having a good gnaw.  I was going to film it but decided that was a step to far so count yourselves lucky.

More to add soon
Masie x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

I'm back! Did you miss me?

I have been so naughty taking so much time out from the real world but its been so lovely having a break.

I spent Christmas at my parents in Plymouth and we had a white one. I am now thoroughly stuffed with home cooking and Poppy had so much fun running about on the beach terrorising innocent rescue dogs, she slept for two days straight when we got home. Speaking of dogs we have puppy's at the yard! I will stick a picture of them up soon as they are so damn cute. Theres going to be lots more equestrian shoots next year as the women where Bert is kept is taking on a second farm so we can all have lots of outdoor porn  play space.

We had a nice quite New Years at home only to be gate crashed the day after by some old friends from out of town which was lovely, it was an excuse to keep up the lazy holiday life style that extra bit longer, although I have only just got house straight ish again.

My new years resolution unsurprisingly is to start doing more regular work (it did have to happen eventually) and I am easing my self in through Lmlive. I am currently web camming every single day 12-3 but promise to add some evenings to that list soon as I know that's better for a lot of people.

Phone Interval . . . . . .

I just got off the phone to Satine who has rightly just shouted at me for not having our website up yet. We are having a proper meeting about it tomorrow and I will of course keep you all informed.  She sent me a really hot picture just after Christmas of her new red hair. She is supposed to be sticking some pictures up everywhere today so keep them pealed.

Finally as it came up in conversation today can I please ask what you prefer.

I have a quick survey question for you all - prefer
A. Hairy Pussy
B. Shaved Pussy
C. Part shaved Pussy ie strip
D. Don't care either way

Id be so grateful if as many of you as possible could let me have your A,B,C,Ds either at the bottom of this blog or over on facebook where I shall repeat this question.

Speak soon

Masie xxx