Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Chocoholics Dream Package !!

To see all my sexy pictures click HERE ! xxx


  1. Masie(CLW) That amount of chocolate would last me 6 months honest!
    I think the picture you said looked like maggots is a actually cocoa beans to denote the strength of the chocolate.Also can you please slow down with the blog entries.This is all feast now and after the famine of the last month.Just kidding.Garyxxx (MM)

  2. Why is Masie Dee's blog like a bus? Because you wait for ages and then 2 come along at once! (MM)

  3. That must several kilos of chocolate. I wonder how long it will last... ;-)

    I see you still got some tan-lines, good on you. Won't be much chance of getting more soonish! Nice different pics as well, you're quite versatile that way. 2nd bedroom pic makes your bedroom look mighty royal btw ;-) Lotsa light.

  4. 8 miles! No wonder you so fih, innit! ;)

  5. WOW... This blog post is FULL of sweetness. You are looking even more stunning than normal... How can that even be possible??

    Glad the choccie finally arrived and hope you enjoy them with no pimples resulting ;)

    You seemed to have got some bonus stuff... What was the other Cadbury one??

    Anyway... Happy belated Birthday Masie...

    Pinky <3