Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Naughty girls get spanked!

Following on from a bit of a 'spageti' day yesterday today has been much better. I woke up this morning to sun shine and a reason to window shop for my wish list (see bellow post) which always perks me up and ended up going down to the local park for a picnic and a game of football with the dog. Poppy's old dog lead broke a few weeks ago and her very sexy new purple one arrived this morning and I sware she knew the parcel was for her. She defiantly walked very proudly to the park showing off her new look. Oh by the term 'spageti' I don't mean I ate a load of pasta last night. Spaghetti is a term I have come up with to describe when you feel a bit discombobulated and unsure of what you want and a bit floppy, as spaghetti is floppy, limp and all messed together in a confusing pile when on a plate.

The trouble I have is that once I have decided I want to do something, I instantly lose interest in what I was doing before that and my imagination runs off with me to build a future years down the line based on that one decision and I almost grieve for the loss of that vision if things don't instantly seem to happen.  This approach to things defiantly has its advantages, I mean it means I only need a little prompt to go off on one ideas wise which is great for work and being able to take a spark and make a fire means i am usually very good and cheering friends up by showing them the potential in any bad situation and a way through. Still fingers crossed eh.

I have just got back and came to check on my blog when I notice a new spanking video of mine has been release with out me noticing, that led to me looking for other videos and I have ended up finding SEVEN of them! They all have sexy trailers for you to have a look at and its nice to see myself looking young in a school uniform as I had thought I was getting a bit old to pull it off.

I apologise some of these videos will require you to scroll down though a list, annoyingly people don't set up their websites with my blog in mind (how rude!).

First off - Sound Punishment. This was filmed when i went over in February (you can have a look back over the blog if you like). This is the second scene to be released and was one of two school girl scenes we did. In this video I am a naughty school girl who is caught watching spanking porn. My foolish guardian decided to spank me as a punishment and then send me to stand in the corner. Silly man, of course i get off on it and soon start playing with myself over the memory in the corner, only to be caught and foolish spanked again! He spanks me so hard I cum!

Now if you follow this link and scroll down past 3 other updates you will find the above pictures. If you click on my picture you will be taken to the free trailer section. I am the fifth update down on that list labeled, Masie Dee Spanked to Orgasm.

Masie at sound punishment

OK the next Six were all done for the same company in March and they are sat on lots and lots of video goodies of me and I will try my hardest to keep you up to date with when they are released.

The first video is a bit of an interesting take on the spanking idea although it does tie in well with the sound punishment video. Performing as school girls Faye confesses to me that she gets really wet when being spanked so I agree to put her over my knee and give her a very erotic spanking while telling her what a dirty naughty slut she is. This goes right through to me giving her the strap and I found it very pleasing. All is ruined however when we are caught and given a very unsexy spanking as punishment by her mum!

Here's a link for the trailer along with some thoughts from the delightful Elizabeth who was our spanking Mistress.
Here for spanking trailer x

Clip number three and you find me and Faye in trouble again! This time we are at a sort of military school for bad teens and have been sent in to get the strap from the mistress for general disobedience.
If I'm honest i find my poor back posture a bit distracting on this clip but the sound of the strap on my bare bottom is so hot!

Not to hard to find this trailer its currently the second update on the page.
For trailer click here x

Few four more to go, I'll try and go quicker. In the next clip I am punished for having a hang over and a messy room. This video was actually only meant to be five minutes long but being my own worst enemy I just couldn't resist answering back and poor Elizabeth had to keep turning me back over and hitting me harder and harder. This is a very good example of the kind of sub I am - I am the bratty kind and I love it! I'm not the kind of sub who will juts lie down and take it (well usually as I have said before, occasionally I run into people I just cant help but obey. Pascal White is one of them, I worked with him on his Bitch In A Box series and also Bitch In A Boot and although I loved the experience, produced two very quite (for me) scenes as I was to busy just obeying and being ore struck) I like to be made to do as the dominant wants and love being encouraged to through a strop!

This video is currently the second update on the page. Spanking trailer here

OK two more naught school girl videos now.

Video Five finds me over Elizabeth's knee again this time having wagged school!

 In video 6 I have brought home a bad school report and get the strap. There is something about a disappointed Yorkshire mans voice that some how helps to make this video clip a bit more authentic to mind and so much sexier as the story line feels so real. I must have watched to many dodge Catherine Cooksen dramas as a kid but evil working class northern folk beating their offspring works for me on some strange sexual level.

These two updates are can be found next to each other, they are currently the second and third updates on the page and again if you click on the picture you will be taken to the hidden trailers. Here for trailers and videos

And the last one is my favourite - although I am not sure the trailer does it justice so please if you like spanking go and watch it. If anyone is feeling kind please buy me a copy of this scene (I know shameful I was there you'd I'd get a copy for free).

This video clip is a window into the dirty mind of Masie. Those of you who have watched my first solo video for Abby Winters will know all about my sexual kick courtesy of the church and I loved ever minute of this scene it was the one that turned me on and to be honest the one I have wanked to since in the privacy of my own home. In this video clip I belong to a fanatical christian family and some how come into the possession of a sex toy and decide to try it out. My father comes in when I am done and when he finds the toy I break down and confess all asking him to beat the evil from me. All the biblical talk although very blasphemous I am sure, really tipped it for me and got me very excited. At the end he considers making me walk about for a few days with nothing on my lower half so the family can check I am not touching myself! Does that not open a window of sexual wrong in your minds? Linking back to what I said at the top of the post about my imagination grabbing hold of tiny things and running with them here's where my mind took it by itself later on in my own bed.

I am forced to undergo a check by my brothers in the evening and when I get wet with his fingers inside me everyone is very upset and I get fucked with a crucifix by one of them while the other reads quotes from the bible under the watchful gaze of my father! I know check me out with my daddy issues! Can I just take this moment to say I have a very good NORMAL relationship with my father and no nothing even close to anything like this would be sexy in real life. I am one of those people that finds the idea of incest very exciting because its so very very wrong but never with my own family - that be disgusting!

OK so here's the trailer - Last trailer and video

I'll be honest off for a wank now xxxxx


  1. Disappointed you went for a wank and didn't text me Masie hehe ;-)

  2. I have never watched spanking videos before... don't think I like it... but reading that you really enjoyed it takes the shock away. I do have a question... Well actually two... What are the 3 things only that your bottom is for ??? and the redness of the cheeks?? is that "artificial" shhh I wont tell anyone.

    Thanks another informative post & glad you got your wishlist a little less informative.


  3. If you look back to last time I did a big spanking post I went off on one explaining what I get out of it and why I love, that may be of interest if your knew to the idea - there is also a link to a sponkign interview I did ages ago which is quite informative.

    Ok answer one - Sitting on, going to the bath room and being spanked - what else could anyone use it for? xx

    answer two - You cant fake spanking you need to be able to take the spanking from the hand, shoe and strap. Paddle is as hard as i can go but I have watched girls take very hard cainnings and was very impressed.

    I do work with one company who use blue lighting so you dont need to be hit so hard before your bum looks very red. When taking action spanking photographs some producers let you get away without being hit by push the hand hard into the bum and removing it just as the picture is taken. This way you get the impression of a white hand agianst the red of the bottom and the movement of the hand makes the fleshof tehbum move making it look like its moving in the after math of being hit.

    John I have lost my microphone so texting you wouldnt have helped - where have I put it please! x

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