Monday, 11 July 2011

The box game

Today I got the biggest, most interesting and sexy looking parcel ever and I'm not allowed to open it! I had been teasing myself with it all day while getting very excited and when I finally couldn't wait any longer, I pealed back the tape, slowly lifted the lid, leaned forwards and saw the glimpse of a birthday card.

This will be the most I have looked forward to a birthday in years - 17 days to go, this will be the biggest build up to pleasure I will have ever had - its like tantric parcel opening!

All this talk of boxes reminded me that I haven't shown you the video of me and some friends playing the box game. We were the last people left at the end of a rather posh 60th birthday party and this was just what was needed to prove the birthday girl still had it in her. I wont bore you with the whole tape but here are some highlights.

All you need to play this game is a cereal box and some scissors. You have to pick the box up using your mouth with out touching the floor with your knees or putting your hands down. Each round an inch is cut off the box, easy?!

Then it got personal . . .

I was so stiff the next day and I spend most of that stuffed in a car on my way to meet Satine at Saracen House and then on to Leeds.


  1. Impressive.... The cereal box looks very simple after see you both pick up a paper clip. Maybe this should have the tag "Don't try this at home"

  2. I can't even pick up an even taller cereal box! However, I'm almost 60 and have never been flexible. Tried several times, but can't even do that!


  3. Masie,

    Love it.

    The fun attitude that you have is a major part of what makes you so sexy.

    Please don't lose any of that great personality of yours!

  4. Billy I will try my best. Laktor after reading your message I now have the best image of lots of people immediatly rushing off to get cerial boxes and try and do a play along at home. I love you guys xx