Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sorry this is late x

Sorry this is so late up, we have had a very lax none eventful Saturday.

Here is the first story I spoke about. I'm sorry to say that I cant find the other one (if you ever come across it please send me a link) but I am stupidly turned on right now as I had to read so many other story titles and their premises to do my search. Off for a wanks but before you join me go check out Kylies answers xxx

PS I hope you dont think less of me after todays answers, just because I can be a bit flippant about how many people must wank over me doesnt mean I dont really appreciate the indivuals or indeed how lucky I am that that is the case at all. Id be lost on my own thats sort of the point, I need this so I can remind myself that I'm good enough in general when ever life gets hard. x


  1. Is it bad that your informing us to "go have wanks" and your earlier comment on the matter triggered immediate indulgence? I hope you feel some positive effect.

    I find that thought of you liking it makes watching you so much more powerful. I have the crazy fantasy that you might in some small way react to the thoughts of me thinking about you.

  2. m so glad you get it, thats exactly what turns me on as well. Its strange because on first thought you would think it was just the dirtiness of performing sex for others too extract dirty pleasure from - and thats certainly an amazing thought but its the power my naked body has and in turn the pure focus on that body during the sex act that makes it so amazing.

    I hope I also got across how much I also just love porn though. the above is what I get out of it spiritualy and sexually but if none of that existed i'd still do it bcause I loe the plots, the freedom when filming the whole creative process - i just love film really and as my mind tends to think in terms of sex, film with sex in is a win!

  3. Masie,Dare I say you were a little bit tipsy from the night before you did the latest blog.You look adorable though so don't worry.Also if your power is measured by the amount of wank's you generate then you must be right up there with the best of them.I promise I will read the short story you have selected and comment on it later.All in all a top blog as usual.I will try and send you some ideas for your future Saturday subjects.Lots of love,Garyxxx

  4. Your story as requested; "WAITRESS DU JOUR" (given the name of the forum you might find more stories there ;-)

    You indeed look either sleepy or hung-over, possibly both. Still nice to look at though, no need to worry there :) I do seem to recall you mentioning needing compliments some time ago. Possible in on of those long solo vids you did for Abby Winters. (something about getting high grades at school)

    Now go back to bed and rest some, or read stories ;-)

  5. We had a late night the night before but I actually wasn't hung over (or heaven for bid drunk) when doing this video. I think I have said before that one of the reasons I probably do porn is because it makes me interesting - I am contentidly a very dull person. On Fridays we tend to go for a drink as an office and the shooters often comment on the fact that I am happy with my two glasses of white and dont try and compeate with the Australian thurst for drink. I am however getting a bit older and I just can't pull the hours I used to with out looking, well haggered!

    Working for AW has taken its tole. I appologise if this sounds very spoilt, I appreciate that most people work normal hours with out a medal almost all of their lives but this has been a shock after the easy porn life style I lived before. I get up every day and am at work by half nine some days Im not back before 8 because I have had to do shopping on the way home etc and I had my three trips to Ireland which were essentially three days with no sleep. Im shattered!

    Every friday before we go to the pub I always say, i'm feeling a bit rough I wont stay long and then end up gossiping my way accidentally till 4 oops.Promise will look fresher next week though you guys dont come on here to see me looking rough (well no that kind of rough) xx

  6. Frans thanks for the link, good story, not the one I am looking for but a goood read xx

  7. Think you're picking up a slight Aussie twang there Masie!

    That almost turned into a therapy session with you and Kylie, it was really interesting. Nice analogy with the Times crossword too, which made sense to me in a weird kind of way.

    Booked my hotel for Amsterdam last night, really looking forward to it! I'll look out for you cycling around! xx

  8. PS Forget to say, just off to make you a bit more powerful ;-)

  9. I must say, after seeing your BB counterpart, Miss Maisy James, being interviewed, I do find you much more relaxed and refreshing. The other one, I find her a bit pretentious, answering like she's being interviewed by Paxman. Such a wannabe!

    I find that, the more I know of pornstars, especially when, like you, they talk to us, I find it harder to masturbate over their pictures. It's like it's someone you know and I find it easier when you don't know the person in the pics.

    Getting to know you is really fun though and I'm really glad you have this blog. Definitely one of my favourite sites right now.

    Take care xxx

  10. Funny you should say that, my biggest fear every Sunday morning is that I will either of said something that

    a. makes me sound a tit and everybody leaves
    b. by lowering the walls and sharing so much make myself unwankable over

    I had this probelm as a lap dancer. People would alays spend agaes having a drink ad a chat with me but would either feel they had gottent to no me to well to then go and perv on me or would accidenaly tell me to much about themselves and make it weird for themselves. It was always the scary cold hearted bitches who cleaned up - most of them were lovely in real life just bitches to the customers as evidentally they made more money that way.

    Let me know if theres anything I can do to help make it less weird.

    Think of it as having a family doctor. Ok so its a bit more embarressing when you have a swollen penis or are passing blood in your stool but they know you as a person so are able to be nicer to you as they know what you like. So on the whole you will get emotional care as well as the immediate medical care required which ca on be better.

  11. please forgive the terrible amount of typos and clear lack of grammer. I haven't been well this weekend - no not the drink I didnt start feeling ill til early Sunday morning and I only drank on Friday. So I had the energy to comment but not the enegery to type properly or proof read xx

  12. You take it easy Masie, don't want you falling ill *stern Dad voice* xx

  13. The other anonymous raises an interesting point. In real life, I think I'd agree that knowing someone better can inhibit desire because we've been conditioned that it's inappropriate so as to manage the amount of temptation in our day to day existence.

    However, online I find knowing more about you makes you not only more appealing but more wankworthy. That must either be because I'm a pervert or an optimist: Instead of worrying that by knowing you too well I'm somehow violating your trust or a societal norm, your candor about your own predilections makes me feel more comfortable that you'd actually want the outcome. Whereas with most, I don't know if they want to effect me in anyway or just to get money, have an experience, etc.

    Whereas with you I'm hopeful you at least expect it and find it a pleasant thought and if I let my imagination wander, I might even imagine you finding out in some way and having a wank yourself.

  14. Hey Masie...

    Thanks once again for opening up to/for us, for me it makes me find you even sexier and always so very entertaining.

    I hope you feel better soon and find time to relax, smell the tulips and enjoy yourself for at least one weekend soon.

    Thanks again Masie...

    Pinky (realized, I have been a tad cheeky to you recently so thought I should sprinkle a little of reality/kindness in between my teasing).

  15. Pinky I will only truly be cross with you the day yous top being cheeky so do your worst i'm a big girl and can take it both metaphorically and in a rude sexual way.

    I love that you guys always end up reassuring me on Monday morning that Saturdays questions went well, thank you, you are a needed part of the process!

    Most recent annonymous I very much liked how you phrased that and it has made me feel ok again. To reiterate - hell yes I LOVE that people wank over me and I LOVE doing naughty things knowing that will be the out come. xxx

  16. John promise taking it easy - bought hot chocolate and everything! xxxx

  17. Be careful what you wish for. You just inspired me to start off my morning with thoughts of you.

  18. Don't worry Masie ,I am still in 'lust' with you.Garyxxx

  19. I'm fine with whatever you say or do. I have a comprehensive inventory of more wankable girls.

    I couldn't easily wank over lapdancers I'd been with either. As the contact I'd had with them was more intimate it felt like they were watching me when I was thinking of them. You might be able to perform with people watching, but I can't!

    That quote about lapdancers brings to mind another: "Lapdancing is man's worst nightmare, it's porn that can see you!"

    Have a fun week!XXX

  20. A different anon here - first time poster...

    I'm a big fan of written erotica and since my tastes seem to coincide with yours a little - and knowing that finding good stuff can be a little bit of a needle and haystack task, I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you in case you hadn't found them yourself.

    This one is one I keep coming back to:
    and it has several other parts:

    all excellent - proper story and characters in there as well.

    This one:
    is a good series as well. Takes a while to get started but it does get going. is great too with some good humiliation stuff.

    This chap: write good stuff too - my favourites are Ivy League Sluts, Slave to Corsairs and Mission To Mexico.

    And finally this: is one of the best written ones I've ever read.

    Hopefully there's something there you've not read before - and that goes for all the other blog readers!

  21. You show a strong artistic and creative streak in these videos, Masie. I like that! And if the thought of people wanking over you makes you feel powerful, then you deserve it. All power to Masie Dee!!

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