Saturday, 25 May 2013

Something For The Weekend


  1. Fun to see you unwrap it all, excited much? :) What DO you to wear out your jeans that much though, shooting that demanding ? ;-) You'd need actual work pants then, but those would look boring, hmm.. tough choices indeed!

    Not entirely sure what you are going to clean over in the UK. But if it helps get rid of old problems, that's nice. Will you be able to visit friends while there or does that have to wait till summer? If summer ever arrives that is.

    Hope your having a fun weekend, despite the cleaning. If you wear the new jeans take care with bleach!

  2. Masie(CLW) Thanks for the update.(all is understood !) I quite like the U.J. bikini but do not turn into Geri Halliwell! I sympathise with your cleaning chore's.It must be a big job to clean up Leeds.Lots of love Gary(MM).xxx.

  3. Also i mistakenly put my boxers on back to front which was OK until i had to go for a wee! Gary(MM)xxx

  4. omg youre so pretty ! i like this video of you ! please put some more because i am in love with you :X !

  5. Thankyou for your patience while I have been destracted with home. I am back now and so blogupdates and SC updates will start to pick up pace again.

    Frans shooting just ruins the crotch of trousers and also the back of the trousers just bellow each butt cheak - I think it has something to do with all the bending over we do when taking pictures. Izzy and I are always in need of trousers, smart enought but ro bust enough. It is indeed hard!

    Gary,I love that you have made the same pants error (always more fun to be slightly mad in good company)! I promise I will not turn into ANY of the Spice Girls although that amount of money would be nice! When we were kids playing I was always Baby Spice.

    Fimle (for want of a better name to call you) welcome to my blog pages! Have nofear there are lots more videos to come, some with me chatting some with no cloths at all!


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