Thursday, 8 September 2011

Today at Abby Winters

Oh my goodness we had the best day in the office today. As my boss Chloe B is due to leave soon she had an amazing package arrive at work today. We all crowded around and insisted that she open it straight away!

This next bit is a new segment i'm thinking of calling foreign people and twiglets!

Whenever I eat twiglets I always think of that Mr Bean episode where he has his two friends, Rupert and Hupert over for new years and makes twiglets by getting twigs and dipping them in marmite. That episode is still one of the saddest things I have ever seen and will still make me cry 9 / 10.

Does any body from England remember the very very old twiglet advert where there are some people in a lift and it breaks down. They look up and the ceiling is covered in twiglets. This scared me so much as a child that I wouldnt go in a lift for 6 months! Bless my mum for being so understanding as this meant when we went to our local Safeways (blast from past there) to do the big weekly shop she had to struggle up two flights of stairs with three kids and all the shopping to the car park.

I'm very excited as tomorrow I've been asked out of the office to help assist with the filming!


  1. How could I forget,of course Masie would want the package unwrapped ;-) When did you find the drawers of the box btw ? ;) It seems all ladies love chocolade, good to know.. heh.

    Never heard of twiglets, are they salty as well?
    You mean this ad?

    Not exactly child-friendly no, weird way to sell food.

  2. Oooh brunette Masie - not seen you since you went back to brown hair. Looks amazing, obviously xxx

  3. Hooray,Masie is back to proper hair,Yes I do remember the triglet advert set in a lift! Also I love marmite! Just imagine if someone was a terrorist they could incapacitate over half the population just by throwing chocolates at them.
    Gary xx

  4. Liking the hair! It really suits you.

    I bought a bag of Twiglets in a pub once. As it was quite dark in there, I didn't realise, until I began eating them, that they were chilli flavoured. My god they were hot! For a day or two afterwards my nose would burn whenever I blew it! Chilli snot is not pleasant!

    On a Marmite note, you should try it on pasta. I believe you melt some into butter and mix it with the pasta. It's delicious!

    I can't believe Chloe is leaving, she's almost been there since Abby started. Best of luck to her.

    Take care now xxxxx

  5. I have never heard of Twiglets... But think they would be soooo much better if they were made with Vegemite.

    Vegemite not Marmite
    Coke not Pepsi
    McDonald's not Burger King
    toilet paper should roll from the inside not the outside
    White bread not brown
    Batman not Superman
    Mary Ann not Ginger
    Christina not Britney

    That's how I roll...


  6. Hey there,

    Take a wild one who has just entered the Big Brother house!? Yep... Maisy!

    She's a petite model just like you. It's a good job you changed your hair when you did or people would have thought it was you.

    She seems nice, whether or not she's as nice as you are remains to be seen...

    I'll stay tuned.... xxx

  7. Yes I have brown hair for now - not sure I will be keeping it but i'm equally not sure I will be going back to yellow - any suggestions? I dont like my naturl hair colour as its a bit understated and I want to stand out without having to make the effort to do anything special with my hair and cloths - vain and lazy but in Pinkys words, thast how I role!

    Frans thakyou (i think) for finding that old string of adverts. Still gave me the shivers!

    I had no idea they had made chilli twiglets i'm an original fan mysef. Every Christmas I get a barrel of twigets in my stocking and they normaly vanish very quckly!

    I hve never had marmite in pasta but I do chuck it in to my sheperds pie and bolognaise and it makes carcking cheese on toast!

    Twiglets aren't saulty they are just savory fiberous twigs with lovely backed in marmite on the outside. They are fun to suck, more ish to each and I enjoy holding thm to the side of my mouth and feeding them in as if I was a tree shredder

    Pinky I appreciate that thats how you role and enjoyed your list. I'm sorry that years of living away from the motehr land have ingured your tastbuds so much that vegitmite should have flavour for you - i'm sure a good lawyer could get you compensaton! :) x

  8. I forgot to comment on the big brother girl - boo her not checking to see if a blond international porn star already rocked the name MASIE!

    I'm Masie Fucking Dee people!

    Being serious if she only does glamour she i stuffed if people do confuse us as I have done some very hard core stuff in my time under the banner of Masie and i'm sure she doesnt want to be assoiated with gang bang 6!

    Might be amaszing publicity for me if I could some how get the media to confuse us for a bit - what do you think?

  9. Mmm, don't know. Haven't seen much of her yet. In terms of personality you've got nothing to worry about, you have bags more than she does.

    She spells it Maisy, but that doesn't count when you say it. I bet there were some that thought it was you when she was announced.

    I'll keep you posted as to what she's like xx

  10. Small Maisy update,

    Not much to tell, she's sooooo pretentious! She's playing to the cameras the whole time, presenting while talking to the others and answering questions as though she was being interviewed.

    Pamela Anderson is in there too, not staying, just doing stuff for Big Brother. She did this speed dating task and she saw through Maisy right away and she never realised Pammy was onto her.

    You are so much better than this wannabe! xxx

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