Sunday, 11 September 2011

Babes on Bikes

Yesterday we finally went and got ourselves some bikes! Gaz, Imp and Ethel are now tucked away in our lock up, ready to make my bum go all fabulous, my thighs hopfuly to just go and to save me money as I wont have to pay for any more trams.

If you ever need a bike go to the pirate bike people, they were lovely and so helpful. I am now the proud owner of a second hand bike for 99 euro and I got them to put a crate on the front so Poppy will be able to ride up front when she's over. Now I have not been on a bike since I was 15 and its alot lot harder as an adult for some reason. Riding home yesterday (especially once the crate was on as it made the balance go all funny) I was convinced I was going to get hurt. If it had been just me on the road i'd have been fine but every time someone wizzed past  i'd panic and wobble and then start to fall. I ran into a very understanding group of 6 women in town and a man crashed into me while I was waiting to cross the road near the park!

More worryingly was how saddle sore I was this morning. I think years of horse riding saved me from the full dose of pain I was supposed to have, as my bum has built up a nice tolerance ( all the spanking shoots probably haven't hurt either) but ooh my poor crotch is all bruised!
Still as every good horse rider knows if things go wrong get straight back on and i'm very glad we did, riding to the shops and back this morning I felt alot safer than yesterday.
The true test will come in rush hour tomorrow - take a good look at my face and try and rememebr it that way as I cant promise it will be remaining in that shape for long :) xxxx


  1. Mayor thing to look out for; tram rails.

    Why were you wearing gloves on the bike? It wasn't THAT cold surely?

    You do create lots of vlog stuff, you must be getting good at it 'cos it would take me ages to edit it all ;) I for one am thankful for everything you make of course!

    I recommend you to practice without camera and without Poppy for a bit. Do take care, some surfaces get treacherously slippery when it rains. (i.e. everything not asphalt is suspect - *especially* yellow or special bricks in pedestrian zones)

    And practice with both hands steering might be beneficial to your face as well. Balance will be worse with Poppy actually IN the basket ;-)

    About those bike-tracks, keep *both* hands on the steering and *use* the brakes, much easier then keeping it under control by holding the saddle :)

    Do make sure you get a set of spare-keys for both locks on your bikes.

    p.s. lighting on your bike looks to be missing or broken. You might want to get that fixed 'cos bikers without lights are nearly invisible (and it costs EUR 75 per ticket). You can use portable lights carried on the person.

  2. Masie,In Holland in the 1960s the hippies(or as they were called provo's) rode white bicycle's.
    The hit record at the time(not a big hit record though) was 'My White Bicycle' by Tomorrow.Look it up you will like it.Love from Garyxx.

  3. You've got to do a video with Queen's Bicycle Race as a soundtrack, that'd be hilarious!

    I also have this vision of you recreating that scene from ET with Poppy in the basket.

    Buy a cycle helmet! Bad hair is better than no head!

    Stay safe! xxxx

  4. Yes Ladies.... Where are your Cycle helmets.

  5. We don't want people to not think we are cool, none of the other kids are made to wear them!

    Well I now consider myself well and truly nagged! Its good to know you all care so much, I promise to be careful.

    This morning was not half as bad as we thought it would be, just my sense of direction letting the side down now.

    Funny you mentioned Queens Bicycle Race I meant to stick that at the top of this blog so everyone could listen to it while they read it.

    As soon as they put the basket on the front of my bike I started singing the ET theme tune I'm not sure how much Poppy will appreciate it but she will defiantly be having that sung at her when ever shes riding up front.

    I will look that song up when I'm home thanks xx

  6. If you need some cream rubbing on your crotch Masie, just let me know (can't believe nobody's made that joke yet!)

    And yes *stern Dad voice* wear a helmet! We don't care how uncool you are, as long as you're still with us.

    Besides, you always seem to be an expert at handling a helmet, from what I can remember (


  7. There was a video made for Bicycle Race where loads of girls rode round a sports stadium naked, save for shoes and helmets. If you fancy doing that don't forget the camera!

    Masie, phone home! xxx

  8. Oh, just in case you missed it in the original post:

    Small Maisy update,

    Not much to tell, she's sooooo pretentious! She's playing to the cameras the whole time, presenting while talking to the others and answering questions as though she was being interviewed.

    Pamela Anderson is in there too, not staying, just doing stuff for Big Brother. She did this speed dating task and she saw through Maisy right away and she never realised Pammy was onto her.

    You are so much better than this wannabe! xxx

  9. ET

    As for the helmet, true nearly nobody here wears those. I you don't fall of your bike or lose control of it for an entire week you're allowed to ride without a helmet :)

    Do take care with these storms though!

  10. Your one pretty cool chick :-) Watched a few of ur vids (the filthy dirty naughty ones :-)) and then watched the ones on here and not only do you appear sound of mind, you are totally someone i wud get on with. Gonna add you on FaceyB, that cool? Lorna xx

  11. That's totally cool, thanks Lorna.

    I will warn you I'm really bad at remembering to find time for FB but I'm always reachable on here and try to update the blog at least once a week xx

  12. Masie, enjoyed your jaunt on the bikes. I promise to keep up on your blog posts better in the future. You're a delight.

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