Friday, 20 May 2011

Problems and biscuites

Hello 36 and 37, nice to see you.

Ok so those lovely people who have tried to view the open uni know that its broken but for those of you that don't, its broke. We are beyond frustrated and are working as hard as we can to fix it. Please excuse my lack of technical computer knowledge but in a nut shell here's where we are.

CCbill said because we used moonfruit to build the site on, we weren't compatible with their billing system.

It was then suggested all would be well so long as they took payment and we then added the members by hand.

When we mailed them saying we were having problems the above suggestion was revoked as unworkable (sigh) . We have been thrown a bone from them saying that as long as moon fruit give us some codex then all will be well and fixed and we just need to wait for them to mail us back (been over 14 hours so far). Failing that we have to rebuild the site completely changing everything into a different format which will cost us a web designer, although there is a chance it may be doable in a week if we really crack the whip.

I am so sorry to have built excitment levels up and then not delivered, I really hope you hold out till we fix it. I mean look at the update that went on last night!

In other news without meaning to jinx things, my flights are now booked for Abby Winters on Tuesday morning. It s a nice early start again as its a 7 o'clock flight, meaning you will surly get a blurry eyed Masie vlog at the airport cafe eating breakfast.

I cant wait to go over and start doing again, especially as all my doing in the UK seems to be coming to nothing right now.

No need to dispare though, I have just tried some of the new fox biscuits so am still in a good mood - one set is crunchy honeycomb and chocolate and the other set are caramel chocolate. The honey crunch ones are stunning! I'm also on an 80s action movie run at the moment and am halfway through watching 'Time cop' for the first time. I have re watch all 3 Beverly hills cops and had forgotten how good the first two are . I also watch Big trouble in little China for the first time last week and it blew me away. Any suggestions on 80s films that need to make my film list please let me know.

I am currently filling in an application form to work for Dorcel, who are a huge French company. I hate coming up with pictures for these things I always decide I hate all the pictures I have of me and nothing ever seems quite suitable. Its hard trying to get everything across in just three pictures, I mean you need to try and show you can pull several looks off to up your chances of getting roles.

I needed to send a head shot, a waste up shot and a full body. These are the three I went with do you think they are ok?


Waste up

Full body

I also applied for a set of spanking videos today and used these two pictures which I love so though I'd show you these as well. Take these pictures as an I'm sorry my sites not working yet present.

Oooh in fact I will be really naughty and leak the first behind the scenes video on here. We put the full length version of this video up for you to watch on the site and its worryingly erotic. Its a strangely pleasurable experience feeling someone else shaving you,maybe its because you can feel their hands so close to your hole and they never give you what you want and stick a finger in. I also liked the feeling of all that shaving foam and fingers did 'accidently' (and I'm sticking with that defence) slip in. After I had done it I decide that some people might like to see the transformation from hairy to smooth a bit faster and the bellow bonus video was born - what do you think of the music? It amuses me far to much, I'm really having to stop myself from adding terrible sound tracks to all our videos because I find the music funny. I promise all the videos actually going up on the site are normal, I have kept all the dodgie music edits for my private collections.



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