Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ready for the launch?!

Which is actually a really good tune, if I wasn't currently listening to madness I would put it on!

Ok so have you heard about the two porn stars who were defiantly starting a website . . .

Well we actually did it!

The Very Open University goes live this Thursday/Friday depending on which day cc bill decide to finish ticking all the right boxes.

Speaking of boxes here's hoping we have managed to tick a few of yours along the way. We have been working on this for the best part of a year now and have been very much learning on the job but have really enjoyed our naughty school uniform theme and loved the idea of their being a VERY open university course designed to help people become as skilled and dirty as possible.

So what do you have to look forward to update wise? In the first update Satine helps me shave of my muff which is actually one of my favourite videos despite being the first - theres something strangely erotic about having someone else shave you and I enjoy the fact that we have a giggle as we go.

Then Satine learns to cook for herself by raiding the university fridge. 

We are good girls and enter in to all the extra curricular activities such as the much coveted Pillow Fighting Championship

We soon make lots of friends on campus with influential people who's skills can aid us in our quest to learn

and there are lots of lecturers for us to learn from.

What we are aiming to have is a fun site with lots of indecent school uniforms and light hearted sexual fun. We have spent alot of time trying to work a few fun story lines into the site as in my opinion a good thread can often add to an other wise, 'seen it before' b/g scene. One of my favourite things we have done so far is all the hand held self filming work - we filmed one particularly hot b/g scene with myself and Ed holding the camera ourselves the whole time while we fucked and to my knowledge this is the first time women have done POV stuff - I could be wrong but I have never seen it.

So far we have been lucky enough to have worked with loads of lovely talent for this site including;

Jess West
Axa Jay
Shay Hendrix
Daisy Rock
Leo Pops
Dave from young sluts
Johnny Rebel
Ed Bowen
Ben Kelly
Matty P
Andy Man
Toni James

We have Kaz B filming for us as soon as she is back in the country and many more in the pipe line.

A huge thank you has to go out to all these performers ,who it goes with out, saying are amazing! I hope you agree that we got the best out of them for our site. Another huge thanks has to go to the guy who helped us build the site Ginge, we were really struggling before he came and gave us a hand.

So there you go that's it all laid out for you to love or hate. There is a trailer up at the moment and I will of course start screaming on the day we actually go live but thought you might like a bit of a heads up so here it is.

- we are of course always up for constructive feedback and any video idea you may have please contact us in the usual ways.

I'm so so so excited.

Masie xxx

The Very Open University


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