Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's Abby Winters Baby!

Hello 38, 39 40!

I have been super duper busy (yay) and very unlike me have actually managing to come back with some reasonable footage for you guys to look at. We will begin with my recent trip to the dam which was such a joy, these trips really do keep getting better and better. You will have to watch out or one day I might just not come back!

As I said in an earlier blog post, I was so sacred about this trip and when I saw a huge rainbow I thought it might be a good sign that all would be well. We were all set to take off on time, ran down the runway, bumped about a bit and then didn't - we had a broken engine. Good times I thought, maybe that was the bad thing I had sensed and the rest of the trip would go smoothly. In truth I think the fear I had predicted was in fact Jet 2's in house radio station which we had to listen to for the forty minutes it took the very beautiful man to fix the engine. The radio station had a few adverts they repeated telling us to buy their food, flight deals etc which is fair enough but they then played two songs on loop - Bryan Adam, summer of 69 and some god awful remix version of the lambada which is strangely one of my favourite songs from my childhood. I mean come on two songs on loop one of which is high pitched and terrible for 40 minutes, that's how they torture people in Guantanamo Bay! Everyone kept accidentally singing that bloody tune and then shouting at each other because its so terrible!

Torture Link so you know what it was like

The original to cheer you up before you read on

Ok so competition time. Leave your verses in the comment section and the best one will get some free never before seen pictures mailed over to them and a naughty video clip.

I promise I wasn't to obnoxious when I went and had a chat with the guy on reception. I told him we had a rat and gave him my biscuits evidence and said we were going to be late for work but please could he have a think about what he could do to help right the problem and make everyone feel satisfied, although I did tell him I would at the very least expect my one euro seventy five back to buy more cake! I was a bit floored when he tried to tell us it was our own fault for having sealed cake in the room as that would clearly attract rodents. I pointed out that when you are in the top floor of a hotel that would only be the case if rates were already inside the building! It worked out well we got a new room and cake money. See English people so long as you are polite it is good to complain. I once watched a tv show where they got different nationalities to eat at this restaurant where everything would go wrong to see how likely they were to complain and we came last, we put up with everything. That's why I was so excited to be given the opportunity to try and complain as a Brit abroad.

So on to a shoot. My first shoot was with Hayden who is hot hot hot and has the most sensitive nipples in the entire world. All you have to do is brush up against them and her whole body starts to writhe and contract, something I don't think I have have seen genuinely happen before. If I had had more time I am sure she could have cum just by having her tits played with and I just couldn't stop touching them, in fact all of her. We had a mini plot, she hadn't done my washing when she did her own and I see if having sex with her will change this but in truth we just went with what we each wanted from each other and dropped any pretense of a need for a plot etc as soon as we were able. Half way through this shoot Kylie comes and catches us and sits and plays with herself while she watches. Later on that day I did a dim (double intimate moment) leading on from this scene, where I find out she was watching, so we decide to have  a wank while next to each other. SPOILER ALERT! Although she has played with women in real life Kylie has always been to worried to have sex with women on camera because of a bad experience she once had but has asked if I will sleep with her (which hell yes I will she is so cute) so hopefully I will be back for over to play with her soon!!

Free Trailer, video and stills all found here x

I have however come to the conclusion this week that I must be disappointing in bed.  If the girls I slept with are anything to go on, I am amazing at what I do while actually in bed, as they all seemed to enjoy what I was doing to them but there in lies the problem. The majority of the pleasure that I derive from sex these days is pleasuring other people, I find the reactions they have at my touch so deliciously hot and I really get off on watching them cum as a result of what I do. But I enjoy giving pleasure to much, I am not really that interested in being pleasured myself, I just want to keep pushing my partner but am there for denying them the pleasure that I am taking from them. The more I think about it the more I feel I must work on this and actually feel guilty that they can not experience what I am experiencing but then I can't experience what they are experiencing either. I remember when I was about 15 that I came to the conclusion that I was broken, as I couldn't achieve the mind blowing orgasm's that other women seemed to have and I still can't nor do I think I ever will. As I have gotten older and more informed on the 'myth' of the female orgasm I have felt less bad about this as hardly any women have that explosive reaction and each is different but it doesn't stop me feeling a little bit less for not having them. On reflection if I didn't have a pussy made of lead I probably wouldn't have become a porn star and defiantly wouldn't have been able to do all the bondage stuff I love as I just wouldn't have been able to bare all the pegs, magic wands, weights etc if I was that much more sensitive and I am lucky in the fact that unlike some of the girls I have come across that I don't need much of a rest between pleasure, I am always hot to trot. Don't get my wrong I LOVE sex, and I do enjoy sex but I am back wondering if maybe theres that one extra thing I can do to enjoy it that little bit more?  Maybe that's why AW likes to use amature girls, they are maybe more sensitive because they don't put their bodies through so much sex on a regular bases? 

Ok so back to Amsterdam.
 One of the things that really made this trip was being put up in a room with two other models (especially because they didn't beat me up for snoring, seriously I am the most unattractive sleeper. I always say being so ugly at night allows me to be hot during the day). Hayden and Kylie are so lovely and it was lovely having people to play with during the evening after shooting. On the first night we had an ok dinner then watched the Princess and the Frog back at our hotel room with a big bag of sweets. It defiantly beats sitting on your own in a hotel room feeling lonely. The next day we went out for an amazing Italian dinner with Dahlia before going to the park. If you haven't been there, all of Amsterdam looks the same. It feels quite crowed with all the tall buildings, narrower streets because of the canals and bikes everywhere. I was so shocked to be taken to this huge park and I mean HUGE! There are all these different sections, places that felt like festivals full of music BBQs and people, places for family and children- including a pool where we went paddling and quite natural areas, we saw some herons nesting it was just lovely. We then went toristing about the place and took in some of the street performances and artists etc. The guy on the guitar really amused me for some reason.

I was thrilled when I found out about the Dildo drive, and any body who has an urge to send me sex toys I will better the offer and make you a private 5 minute sexy video just for you in return. I got to use the sexy love chair in my solo which I will talk about in detail once it goes up. I will however take this opportunity to re thank the wonderful women that took the time to buy and send that sex toy and thank you for the fun it gave me because it was incredible - most toys don't quite get powerful enough to pleasure me fully but this one was amazing on full power! Maybe women buy other women better sex presents as they know how it feels.

The dildo solo video I did was day 3 of my visit, day two was spent with Dahlia and she is so much fun and I think we have similar pussies? She is hilarious, she bounced about the whole day and had me in stitches. For some un know reason the creative director had decided we would look sexy in onesies? We may not have look hot but we had far to much fun in them and couldn't stop giggling, in fact I have no idea how we ended up having sex at all?

I have to take a minute to talk about Dahlia's orgasms, if you look at her face she almost looks like she is in pain, they literally rip out of her body its incredible. You get to a point when she's nearly there, where you worry that you are pushing her to far and then she explodes and you see the joy mixed with the intense pain and then all you want to do it just hold her close to you for ages afterwards, which we did. We also got very brave and dared each other to go out naked on the balcony and when she came there were two men sat on a bench just bellow us listening which was so hot, although a little embarrassing when we walked passed them once we had finished. We must have just been a loud collection of girls as when me and Hayden did our scene a women called out in reply as Hayden came, listen out for it on the video.

I have just been on the AW boards trying to explain how working for them feels more like being part of a strange family and I wish you could upload videos on there as I think the second half of that video clip, where we are distracting a certain ginger from doing her work, sums up everything I was trying to say - I love you Aw workers xx


  1. Blimey Masie, epic blog post! Which is always good of course...

    Not thought of any verses yet, but will do my best. And I don't believe for a minute you're rubbish in bed. Of course, you're welcome to come and prove me otherwise ;-)

    Funny how you met someone from Sheffield out there as well, that made me smile.

    One last question, who's the brunette Aussie girl with the glasses? She's luvvly.


  2. That would be the lovely Kylie H xx


  3. "On the dock with a croc mate"

    "Doing the do with a 'roo mate"

    Grendel x

  4. "Having it off with a sloth mate"

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks Masie... another excellent blog... especially for a Abbywinters.com member like myself... Its so great to read that you really enjoy your time at AW I think that AW has benefited greatly from having Masie Dee on the site. You bring soo much sexy fun and laughter and seem to help the other models relax and get full enjoyment from their AW experience, or that should be get full enjoyment from their Masie_Dee experience.Being a huge fan of the sexy Kylie_H I would very much like to see another Kylie_H/Masie_Dee shoot. Two of my fav current AW models.
    Long may your AW experience continue.
    Thanks Masie


  7. "A duck is nice for a fuck mate..."

    "Fucking a moose on the loose mate..."

    "Going in deep with a sheep mate..."

    Grendel :)x

  8. Great post, epic indeed :)To see you smiling even when out of bed before 6am is truly amazing. I don't even want to think about being out and about that early. It was for a good purpose though, you undoubtedly made many girls happy over in Amsterdam :)

    Did I read correctly you're in need of new toys? Judging by your blow I'd guess the more powerfull the better? How to get one to you though?

  9. I'm always in need of new toys and batteries!Easiest way to get them to me I imagine would be to ask me for an address. I tend to get things like this sent to a local studio so they are waiting for me when i arrive at work or sometimes i am very cleaver and have a gift list so things come straight here but then you dont get the joy of not knowing whats been sent.. x

  10. Yeah asking you for address would be the way to go. But how do I *do* that besides on this blog? Didn't see your email listed on your profile (needs an updated AIR link btw), feels like I'm missing something obvious (which NEVER happens to me of course ;-)

    I reckon AW should refer future models to your blog to get an idea of how fun it is. Excellent promo material :)

  11. in keeping with my kiwi cousie bro Hayden theme:
    A bloke walks into a bar in New Zealand and orders a shandy.

    All the Kiwis sitting around the bar look up, expecting to see another
    Australian visitor.

    The barman says, 'You ain't from around here, are ya?'

    He says, 'No, I'm from Canada .'

    The bartender says, 'What do you do in Canada ?'

    He says, 'I'm a taxidermist.'

    The bartender says, 'A tixidermist? What the hick is a tixidermest?
    Do you drive a tixi?'

    'No, a taxidermist doesn't drive a taxi. I mount animals.'

    The bartender grins and yells, 'He's okay boys. He's one of us.'

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