Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fiona Cooper

Hello 33! x

Well theres a whole bag of worms I am going to be very careful not to throw in my face.I know there has been alot said about this site and I wont be going into any of that other than to say I have never been treated with anything other than respect and have shot for them several times.

The content I have shot though is on a bit of a blurry line so with out alienating anyone I am going to try and tell you why I have shot what I have shot.

The main bulk of stuff I have shot for FC has been story based stuff with an emphasis on older guys younger me which I know alot of my fans really like, and why shouldn't they? Just because you have reached say an age past 50 does that mean you no longer find 20 year olds as attractive as you did when you yourself were 20?

That aside some people who have written to me really seem to simply enjoy the taboo of the 'Younger girls with dirty older men' theme (they always emphasise the dirty part) and again I can understand that.

Those of you who have watched some of my AW videos, especially my first solo video, will understand this a little more than the rest but when it come to what turns me on sexually, the mind is defiantly more powerful than the body. I like a good filthy story to get me really wound up before I'm touched and find it helps to heighten everything. When I'm at home with time on my hands I tend to go to sites like literotica rather than video sites, as I like to weave the story myself. The other reason I like to go to sites like that is that there are ideas that turn me on in words that visually would only appal me.

For example, I have made no secret in interviews etc over the years that the concept of being raped greatly excited me. This does not mean I don't see it as a terrible and horrific crime or that I'd get turned on if it really happened or would enjoy seeing it happen to anyone else. But in my head its a fun story that can combine elements of bondage that turn me on along with mind control games.  In fact I have often thought that if something is wrong as a concept, in the right context it could turn me on. I remember when I was a kid one of the first fantasies I had was being fucked by a vicar while I was underage, while two nuns held me down. You don't get much wronger than that but what harm did it do in my head and I think I have turned out reasonably normal? Its strange although I am very protective over childrens youth I still get turned on today by the idea of me being taken underage, not anyone else who is actually underage but me, its just a story I like.

There has been an awful lot of press coverage in the last 6 month about whether people are cleaver enough to be able to tell the difference between porn stories and reality and I think its an insult that the question has even been asked.

In my mind there are three types of sex, loving meaningful sex, lust fucks and play. The first two speak for themselves but play is simply where you live out the fantasies in your head either alone or with a trusted willing partner. Do you remember playing in the school yard when you were tiny and how fun it was to live out these big dramatic unrealistic stories with people who you trusted, why shouldn't you be able to enjoy sex with the same lack of inhibitions?

I'm reasonably sure I touched on this after my last eventful AW stint but if you ask other people what really turns them on you can often be surprised by how normal you feel afterwards.  I'm  not sure when we got back into fixed Victorian ideals about what is right and wrong for people to be turned on by but so long as no one if hurt (that doesn't ask to be), no animals, minors or mentally ill people are used and everyone consents and enjoys themselves, wheres the sanity in trying to stop adults? When I first started in the industry I did a scene for Television X, 'Bitch In a Box 'and loved it. I was a buyable object that was unpacked used up and put back and it is still one of the scenes out of eveything I have done that turned me on the most during filming, as I love being used in a safe environment. I later filmed for the spin off 'Bitch in a Boot', and it was no fun at all because the law had changed, meaning that every 5 minutes I had to verbally consent to the rough sex etc. Who can get into a fantasy story when the reality line has to be re crossed to convince the government people aren't going to watch it and assume all women there for want to be semi raped?!

So what issue am I skirting around, I have done incest themed videos for Fiona Cooper. Again in real life that's a terrible thing to do and obviously has horrific moral and mental consequences attached but as a story line, it is both taboo and naughty, which in story land can also be a bit sexy for some and so I saw it as OK. Do I think uncles and aunties will watch these videos and suddenly decide to start touching up their nieces - hell no, people are not so easily swade by visual media and many studies have shown its an urge you have or don't have, you can't learn it from tv.

Some of you will think less of me for having done this and that is defiantly your opinion to have but ignoring all I have written above I have always taken the view on this kind of stuff that if someone is really turned on by stuff like this, is it not better that they watch consenting working porn stars play out these stories for them than be left high and dry and end up trying it themselves.  Some people argue that this is gate way porn and that by watching people appearing to enjoy such activities, it offers a green light for people to go and do it in real life. That argument bares no more truth than suggesting that people who play games like mad max or watch films such as Saw are able to excuse themselves for killing people. People always know right and wrong, its a human choice to decide what we act on and again many people who have performed such crimes have confirmed they always knew what they were doing was wrong, they just didn't care.   

Why choose today to bring this all up. Well I have never seen any of my Fc work and knowing this some one kindly tipped me off to a new trailer that's gone up. I wanted to share it with you as I am proud of the effort I put into all of my work but didn't want you to go and view it with out a warning. 

So here's a few pictures followed by a link to the trailer and another to a few more pictures and the list of dvds I have done for them.

As this has been quite a heavy post I'd love to hear what you think as I don't really want any one going away from this thinking bad of me and would like a chance to explain away any bad feelings.

Still me I promise
Masie xx

The trailer

Dvd list


  1. As i'd discussed with you before, I previously bought a lot of fc tapes, but stopped buying because speaking to some other models who found the experience unpleasant to say the least. You explained how you found it, so I felt comfortable buying the discs you'd done. Your scenes are great, you give very natural performances, and the "stories", whilst shocking at times are just that - "stories". Think back to the Taboo series of films in the 80s. The fact a mother was fucking her son, or nephew, whatever did not detract from the fact they were stories, and damn good porn flicks. If any of this happened to me in reality, I'd be repulsed. I'd run a mile. But nothing wrong with fiction.

    Anyway, hope your rash goes down (simple savlon or sudocrem usually does to trick for my face), and I hope to be first member of your website

    Grendel xxx

  2. Thanks Grendel always good to hear from you and yes i do remember talking about this with you in the past. I really appreciate you taking the time to give this further thought and writing it down.

    Fingers crossed for later on today


  3. Another excellent, articulate blog Masie. I agree, I think if someone is already inclined to rape and to commit acts like incest, then they're going to do it anyway. It doesn't do much for me, admittedly (I like to see the girl enjoying it to be honest) but I don't think anyone is suddenly going to be persuaded that rape is a great thing after watching a rape-themed porn scene.

    Looking forward to the launch of the site, it's looking great

    John xx

  4. Thanks John, strange one but have you been watching The Night Shift on BBC 4? I have really enjoyed it and only have two espsiodes lefts. It took me a while to get into it its not very quick pased but I like the dry humor - plus you can feel really superior when watching subtitled comedy shows!

  5. Is that the Icelandic comedy show? I keep missing that, I must check to see if it's on iPlayer. I love BBC 4's foreign stuff, The Killing and Spiral are two of my favourite programmes this year, so I'll definitely check that out! x

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